Taste the atmosphere of Drijfpaleis and Arnhem

Some pictures of b&b Drijfpaleis, the houseboat, the rooms, Ruud, the garden, the statues, the mosaic, of the guests, the river, cat Hendrik and all the other critters in the garden and on the water. For the active ones Ruud has made 5 very nice walking trips from 10 to 15 kilometers. They start here at the entrance and this is also where you will return. Afterwards there is a big fridge with all kinds of drinks waiting for you. When you have finished, take the red or green paddleboat and cycle across the water to the other side where there are sandy beaches for lazing and swimming. If you can't move anymore stay put and Hendrik will probably come for a prrrr treatment and keep you company. 
It's really a bed and breakfast, so breakfast is included. Ruud makes breakfast himself.......like the rest to, so don't expect too much of it. Below are addresses that Ruud likes to eat and drink. Furthermore a list of sights in Arnhem, Ruuds favorite is the Open Air Museum!